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Black Belt Grading News

We have set aside 6 dates and times for Brown belts to test for the katas.

Brown and Black Belt Workshops

Black belt students training
In order to host workshops this month, Shihan is taking the classes outdoors!

Summer Merchandise

summer merchandise sale
We still have summer t-shirts and tank tops available for purchase.

Word of the Month for August is: Honesty

word of the month: honesty
We have all been faced at one point or another with the choice of telling the truth or telling a lie.  Even at a very young age, kids test the truth to see what they can and can’t get away with.

Thank You!!!

Thank you to our members for a great fresh start and re-opening! Last week went very well and we want to thank all of our members for your continued patience and understanding as we transition through our reopening phases.

New Summer Merchandise

summer merchandise sale
Our new SUMMER karate t-shirts and cardio kickboxing tank tops have arrived!

Black Belt Grading News

Brown belts wishing to test for Black belt and all Black belts wishing to test for higher degrees, will be afforded the opportunity this year.

Kick Start Your Training This Summer

It is often said that when we set out on a journey to achieve a goal, the most important step is the “first step”.

July Summer Fun Days

summer karate theme weeks
For the month of JULY we will be running Summer-themed karate classes.

Closed Civic Holiday

We will be closed Saturday, August 1st and Monday, August 3rd for the Civic holiday. Have a safe and healthy weekend!

Grading Dates

The July Grading will take place Wednesday, July 29th at our Dearness Studio and Thursday, July 30th at our Oxford Studio.


karate belts
Students who feel they are ready to advance to the next belt level can send in a video of themselves performing the requirements listed below.

Re-opening: Cardio Kickboxing Classes

Sign-up to a cardio kickboxing class for our Oxford location.

Re-Opening Schedules

join our online dojo
See our Covid-19 re-opening schedules for our 4 location

Zoom Details, Tips and Karate Schedules

zoom karate classes
Join us on ZOOM for karate classes!