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Thank you Frontline Workers!!!

thank you frontline workers
We appreciate your dedication and every sacrifice you make for the greater good! YOU are all making a difference!

Why Morning Exercise Kicks Butt!!

morning workout possibilities

Most people need a cup of coffee or some form of caffeine to get going in the morning.  Research shows that a morning workout can have a similar effect.  Exercise releases “feel good” endorphins that energize and wake your body up and prepare a sharp mind for your day ahead.

If you leave your workout until the end of the day you may be too tired or too distracted to get it done.  It might be tough to get up early at the beginning but over time you will develop more self-discipline and it will get easier.  Your body will love how it feels after a morning workout, so give it some time to adjust. 


karate belts
Students who feel they are ready to advance to the next belt level can send in a video of themselves performing the requirements listed below.

Private Zoom Classes

Bernardo Karate would like to offer our students “one on one” online private lessons through Zoom.

Zoom Details, Tips and Karate Schedules

zoom karate classes
Join us on ZOOM for karate classes!

Word of the Month for May is: Responsibility

sign with words responsibility ahead written on it
The definition of responsibility:  an obligation or duty; it is a state of being reliable or accountable...

A Message From Bernardo Karate

stay safe during covid-19
In these challenging times, we hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe.

WKC Live Classes

WKC logo
Every Sunday our Tournament Team members can catch a live class at 3 pm (Eastern Standard Time) with the best of Sport Karate on the WKC WORLD FACEBOOK PAGE. We have held 2 online live classes so far with Jadi Tention (USA) and Morgan Plowden (USA).  This Sunday, April 12th we will have Pablo Moreno from Team…

Join our Online Dojo

join our online dojo
Hello to our Bernardo Karate family! We hope you are all doing well and staying safe at home. With the challenge of COVID-19, we believe it is very important to stay positive, stay healthy and stay active at home. To help our students handle self isolation at home, Bernardo Karate has been running an online…

Word of the Month for April is: Humility

humility word highlighted in dictionary
Contrary to popular belief, a humble individual is not weak, passive or insecure...

Bully Proofing Seminar

Stop Bullying with our bully proofing seminar
Join us on Saturday March 28, for a free Bully Proofing Seminar.

Leo Loucks’ Workshops

Leo Louck's Focus Pad Seminar - February 2020
World Champion Kickboxer and OPP officer, Leo Loucks will be teaching a focus pad class on Monday, March 30th at our Oxford Studio.

Free Teen Cardio Kickboxing at Bernardo Karate!

Free Cardio Kickboxing for Teens
March break camp registration is now open!

Leadership Workshop

BBM and Black Belt students are invited to join us on March 28th for our Leadership Workshop

Bring a Friend to Class

bring a friend day
Bring a friend to class day will take place on Wednesday, March 11, 2020!