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Word of the Month for May is: Responsibility

sign with words responsibility ahead written on it
The definition of responsibility:  an obligation or duty; it is a state of being reliable or accountable...

Word of the Month for April is: Humility

humility word highlighted in dictionary
Contrary to popular belief, a humble individual is not weak, passive or insecure...

Word of the Month for March is: Respect

word of the month: respect
To RESPECT someone or something is a positive way of thinking and acting.  It shows you care and value someone else’s feelings and well-being.  At Bernardo Karate we think it is so important for our students to learn about respect and how to respect others.  It is an essential life skill that will help them…

Word of the Month for February is: Service

Word of the Month: Service
When you think about karate, you’re likely to think of certain words like discipline, and respect. One word that may not immediately come to mind is service.

We are reopening on January 31st, 2022!!!

We are excited to announce that all five of our Bernardo Karate Studios will be reopening as of Monday, January 31st, 2022.

Word of the Month for January is: Perseverance

word of the month: perserverance
It goes by various names; determination, staying power, steadfastness, endurance, diligence, tenacity, grit.  It is a trait that is very much necessary for success in anyone’s life.

New Government restrictions as of December 21st, 2021

Holiday Hours
New restrictions have been implemented by our Ontario Provincial Government as of Sunday, December 19th, 2021.  Our Safety protocols, including double vaccinations and vaccine passports are all still in place.

Word of the Month for December is: Courtesy

Word of the month: Courtesy. Image of definition of courtesy in dictionary
When parents sign their children up for martial arts classes very often they are looking for a healthy activity that will also teach their kids respect.  And Karate certainly does that.  However, also intertwined with respect is a trait, value or behaviour called COURTESY which we feel is equally important to teach all of our…

Word of the Month for November is: Self-Discipline

word of the month: self-discipline
Self-discipline helps us do the work we need to do, even when we don’t feel like doing it. It helps us get up in the morning and it helps us push ourselves and focus through challenges and distractions that can ultimately hinder our success. U.S. President, Theodore Roosevelt once said, “With self-discipline most anything is…

Word of the Month for October is: Courage

Choose courage and cross out fear
One of the virtues of the Bushido Code and our word of the month for October is Courage. The definition of Courage from the Bushido Code is...

Word of the Month for September is: Focus

Word of the Month: Focus
As parents we all want our children to be able to FOCUS when it matters.  Not just when it’s time to listen to us or to their teachers, but also when they are dealing with an important task or a crisis.  

Word of the Month for August is: Honesty

word of the month: honesty
We have all been faced at one point or another with the choice of telling the truth or telling a lie.  Even at a very young age, kids test the truth to see what they can and can’t get away with.

Word of the Month for July is: Confidence

kids hands holding up letters to spell confidence
The words under our Bernardo Karate crest say “Confidence is Strength.”...

Outdoor karate classes for our Dearness Studio ☀️

Starting this Tuesday, June 22, the Dearness dojo we will be holding outdoor karate classes!

Outdoor Karate Classes

As of Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 we will be starting some outdoor karate classes.