Karate and Cardio Kickboxing programs designed with your goals in mind:

Our Bernardo Karate and Cardio Kickboxing programs were designed to help participants achieve all of their health and fitness goals.  Whether you are taking karate lessons to build your self-confidence or one of our cardio kickboxing classes to improve your energy levels, in a very short amount of time you will notice growth and improvement in YOURSELF.  You will quickly become aware of your strengths and weaknesses and possible limitations and learn how to push through and overcome!

We offer flexible hours and provide a full-time schedule of morning, afternoon and evening classes at our different locations.  Our team of Black Belt Professionals are here to help you look, feel and BE YOUR VERY BEST.

We do not compromise on quality for our students.  We have invested extensively in all of our programs.  Our students and members enjoy safe and effective classes in a clean, friendly and enjoyable environment.  We invite everyone to visit and have a tour of our facilities. Our Staff and Instructors are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Our karate programs for children ages 4 to 17 years old

Little Dragons
(4 - 6 years)

Our specially structured martial arts programs are designed to develop and strengthen qualities children need in today’s society. 

Children's Karate
(7 -12 years)

Students will discover the ultimate workout for the body & mind with traditional martial arts using modern fitness techniques.

Teens Karate
(13 -17 years)

 Those who start our karate classes quickly see improvements in strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination and overall physical condition.

Our karate and fitness programs for adults

Adults Karate (17+)

Our classes are designed to give you an excellent cardiovascular workout, which allows you to strengthen the heart and burn calories. This gives you the benefit of exercising with a purpose!

Cardio Kickboxing

Though you’re in class for yourself, you’re not by yourself. Our Black Belt instructors provide you with the most effective, safe, and personal instruction available.