About Bernardo Karate & Cardio Kickboxing

Bernardo Karate Certified Black Belt Instructors

Michael Bernardo is an 8th Degree Black Belt...

Michael brings over 45 years of Martial Arts experience and dedication to his students. He began training in 1972 and currently, there are five Bernardo Karate studios in and around the London area. The main focus of the karate program is to enable students to develop skills such as confidence, focus and respect that can be the foundation for success in daily life.

Mr. Bernardo is also associated with the Kids Kicking Cancer program in London and supplies many of the black belt instructors. This program uses martial arts techniques to empower children beyond the pain and discomfort of disease.

He is the only Canadian to be voted into the prestigious Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame and into the Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame in 2014. Some of his accomplishments in the Martial Arts, Film and Television are listed below.

Michael Bernardo posing with young student

Martial Arts:

  • 10 Time North American  Champion
  • 7 Time Canadian Karate Champion
  • I.S.K.A World Champion
  • Head Coach of the Canadian National Karate Team
  • President of the World Kickboxing Commission – Canada
  • Covers of Karate Illustrated, Martial Arts Training, S.M.A.S.H., Karate Today, Tae Kwon Do Times & Sports Karate News
  • Trainer of over 50 World karate champions
  • Batman and Robin
  • Shootfighter and Shootfighter II
  • Moving Target
  • Terminal Rush, Grid Runners
  • W.M.A.C. Masters “Turbo” (FOX TV)

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Tammy Bernardo is a 6th Degree
Black Belt...

Started Karate in 1996

Vice-President, Co-owner and Operator of Bernardo Karate And Cardio Kickboxing

Program Developer and Instructor for Karate, Cardio Kickboxing, Kettlebell and Combat conditioning classes

Group and private instruction

Tournament Team trainer and coach

WKC Team Canada Strength and Conditioning Coach

Sport-specific training, sparring partner, focus pad/striking coach

Instructor and guest speaker at training camps and seminars

Athlete and Competitor

Volunteer Martial Arts Therapist/Instructor at Kids Kicking Cancer/Heroes Circle from September 2014 – present


Martial Arts Accomplishments:


17 time World Champion in Point fighting and Light Contact (Continuous) fighting in three different organizations:  WKA, IAKSA and WKC

22 time Canadian Champion

Tammy Bernardo holding mits for a student as they punch

Tom Roberts is a 5th Degree
Black Belt...

Started Karate in 1987

Owner, Operator and Head Instructor of our Bernardo Karate Dearness location

Instructs Karate and Cardio Kickboxing

Trains and Coaches students for Competition

Competitor and Athlete


Martial Arts Accomplishments:

17 time World Champion

14 time Canadian Champion

Sensei Tom Roberts

Dennis McFadden is a 7th Degree Black Belt...

Studied Judo and Aikido in 1983/1984
Martial Arts training in February 1985
Studied Karate with Shihan Michael Bernardo

Current rank: Award 7th degree (Shichi dan) on June 2nd, 2023

Achieved 1st Degree (Shodan) in 1990

Promoted to 2nd Degree (Nidan)

Promoted to 3rd Degree (Sandan)

Promoted to 4th Degree (Yondan)

Promoted to 5th Degree (Godan)

Promoted to 6th degree (Roku dan) in 2013


Dennis started training with Shihan in 1985 after trying out other styles of martial arts coming to Bernardo Karate as an orange belt in Goju Ryu.  He achieved his Black Belt in 1990 and starting teaching the daytime classes at Bernardo Karate which he continues to do so today.  Even though Dennis decided he did not wish to compete, he has helped train many students for local, national and international competitions.  He has taught many self-defence seminars especially those tailored for women.  Taking an interest in weapons, Dennis has developed katas for both the Tonfa and Katana, both of which have been added to our weapon’s system.  Dennis’ goals are to keep training and teaching and help new students get started on their journey to their Black Belt.

Lee Campbell is a 5th Degree Black Belt...

Started karate in 1985 at age 15

Owner and Head Instructor at Bernardo Karate Ilderton

Has been teaching in Ilderton for 14 years

Proud to be a mom of 3 boys and a Breast Cancer Survivor

Lee Campbell

Holly Kenny is a 5th Degree Black Belt…

Started Karate in 2004

Owner, operator, and Head Instructor of Bernardo Karate St. Thomas

20 years of training in the martial arts

14 years of teaching experience in Karate, Cardio Kickboxing, and Self Defense at the Bernardo Karate head office

Began training in a style combining Aikido, and Jujutsu in 2008 and achieved 2nd Degree Black Belt in the system

Travelled to China and studied Kungfu full time at a Shaolin Temple for 1 year

Holly Kenny