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Karate for children 4-6 years old

Little Dragons Program for Our Youngest Students

This program is designed for students ages 4 to 6.  The goal of the program is to introduce students, at this young age, to the benefits of the martial arts.  Students will work to develop and improve through the teaching of the basic karate techniques.  Along with the physical development, a student should develop better concentration, focus and listening skills.  The program will also teach children some basic street-smart techniques.  When a student graduates from this program, they will enter the junior karate program as an advanced white belt, or white stripe.

Our specially structured martial arts programs are designed to develop and strengthen qualities children need in today’s society. Qualities such as self-confidence and self-esteem are generally accepted as fundamental to the healthy emotional and mental development of children. Our classes help your child develop physical skills, including coordination, balance, flexibility and self-defence.  It is documented that these skills have a direct positive effect on a child’s self-esteem, mental development and academic performance. Studies show that parents perceive a large increase in self-confidence, self-worth or self-esteem as the most obvious benefit of karate training. Let our team of professional instructors motivate and educate your children through goal-oriented development programs.


How Your Child Can Benefit From Karate:

  • Learn Respect
  • Better Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Build Focus
  • Develop body awareness
  • Grow Self-Confidence
  • Good Discipline

See Why They Love Our Karate Program!


I’m impressed with the school and staff! The atmosphere is positive and encouraging. I always look forward to my next workout!


I have never been in a place where the people were so caring. They have pushed me to a new fitness level and I plan to continue to challenge myself and increase my goals. I recommend to everyone I know.

Jacques Chomiak

Trained here and got up to 2nd degree black belt. Great instructors keep a whole class intense for people with different skill. Every instructor is very adept and knowlegable in forms and technique. Very friendly atmosphere and attending is worth it. Definitely London's best Martial Arts and cardio kickboxing studio!Jacques Chomiak

Louise Cottrell Cassar

We started karate because my son said Why play with action figures when I can be one?
It's been 2 years and we love it there. My son is a blue belt and my 5 year old daughter is in little dragons. I just joined and am loving the adult classes. I can't wait to start kickboxing!
A family that plays together stays together

Jennifer Watson

My niece and I did the kickboxing cardio class from 6-7pm and had an amazing workout. It was our fist time doing the class and the teacher Leah was great at explaining, Leah and the rest of the class made us feel welcome. We can't wait to join and come to more classes.
Thanks for a great experience.

Sabu Joseph

Having enjoyed many years of Martial Arts and friendships at Bernardo Karate, and having travelled and studied Martial Arts in other countries, I know it is a top notch place to learn and enjoy Martial Arts for all ages!

Jody Johnston

Very friendly and supportive environment! Kids enjoy working hard to achieve belt levels with instruction from amazing black belts helping along the way.

Holly Kenny

Bernardo Karate is an amazing school that offers high quality, diverse training in a friendly, open-minded atmosphere!

Gina Hymus

Love it! The people are fantastic!!! Very supportive and enjoy having fun.

Fall into autumn with our karate trial offer!


Receive a full week of unlimited karate classes, plus 2 sessions with our Program Director for only $19.95. Includes a free karate uniform!


Dojo News

Family Appreciation Month

This month at Bernardo Karate we wish to thank all of our families that support our students in their quest for their Black Belts.
black belts practicing for grading

Black Belt Workshop

This month Shihan will hold a special workshop for all of our Black Belts and Junior Black Belts.
Recent Bernardo Black Belts

Our Newest Black Belts

Congratulations to this year's group of Bernardo Karate Brown belt students who graded to their Black belt!!
Christmas basket with Christmas decorations, and a karate Gi and black belt inside

Christmas Shopping Days

This month Bernardo Karate will hold our annual Christmas Shopping Days Sale.
Happy women wearing boxing gloves


We offer kids, teens and adult kickboxing classes.  No sparring or contact involved.  JUST AN AMAZING WORKOUT BETWEEN YOU AND THE HEAVY BAG! Boring cardio machines won’t give you the results you are looking for plus our classes are fun and exhilarating! Classes are taught by professional Black Belts with years of experience. Try a…
Spooktacular Halloween Party

Spooktacular Halloween Parties

Both of our London Studios had great turnouts for our Annual Halloween parties.
Leo Loucks Class

Pre-notice: Leo Loucks Focus Pad Class

World Champion Kickboxer, Leo Loucks will teach two focus pad seminars on Monday, December 9th.  The first class is for Juniors (blue belt and higher) from 6:00-6:45 pm and the second is for adults 6:45-7:45 pm.  The cost is $10 and limited to first 20 people per class.  Please sign up at the Oxford Studio. …
After school fundraiser poster

After School Program

Bernardo Karate offers a unique after-school program for elementary schools.

Character Development Program

See how karate gives our members the opportunity to discuss, practice, and apply character development traits in their lives.

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