Teens Karate Program

An Atmosphere Where Teens Can Develop Life Skills

It’s a daily challenge to grow up as a teen in today’s society.  Technology, the internet and social media have all created new forms and levels of bullying and peer pressure never seen before.  Teens receive so much misguided and incorrect information online that it makes it difficult for them to decipher between what is actually right and what is wrong.  One thing is for sure, “Generation Z or iGeneration Teens” are definitely finding it harder and harder to make good decisions based on what they see, read and hear online.  

To make matters worse, today’s teens are not nearly as active as previous generations and they have more technological distractions (smartphones/iPhones, iPads and video games) that take away from exercise and spending more stress-free time outdoors.

Does Your Teen:

  • Spend too much time on their phone?
  • Have frequent mood swings?
  • Feel awkward about their body image or weight?
  • Have low self-esteem and low self-confidence?
  • Have trouble fitting in?
  • Have trouble adjusting to high school life?
  • Experiment with drugs or alcohol?
  • Get bullied or feel the need to bully?
  • Have open and honest relationships with parents or mentors?
  • Hang out with the wrong crowd?
3 teens sitting on the couch on their phones looking bored

What Bernardo Karate Can Do To Help

  • We WILL provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your teen
  • Your teen WILL fit in.  Everyone wears the same uniform and there is no preferential treatment. Everyone is treated equally.
  • There is no pressure.  We offer competitive and non-competitive programs and everyone moves and advances at their own pace.
  • Our Black Belt Instructors are positive, caring and supportive
  • Your classmates are goal-oriented and positive thinking people.  They want to improve and be successful in all areas of their lives just like YOU!


At Bernardo Karate, we make an excellent partner for parents!


We understand it’s not easy being a parent to a teenager in today’s world either! At Bernardo Karate, we believe teens need a productive way to release stress and tension from things such as school and peer pressure.  Teens also need help finding balance between family life, their social life and their own personal time and space. They also need help developing skills such as self-control which includes having positive control over their body, mind and emotions.  This is where Bernardo Karate excels!


Benefits of training at Bernardo Karate for Teens:

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase energy levels
  • Stronger immune system
  • Improved fitness levels
  • Better sleep
  • Better mood and attitude
  • Better manners
  • Respect and discipline
  • Better focus and grades
  • Better decision making
  • Better sportsmanship
  • Build healthier social skills and friendships
  • Increase self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Personal safety, better awareness and self-defense skills
  • Distraction from social media and video games
Bernardo Karate students posing

The list of benefits for teens training in the martial arts are numerous and far reaching.  Teens who study the martial arts would much rather overall participate in activities that promote enjoyment and wellness instead of engaging in something that could pose potential health risks or harm.  


Now add the pressures of High school into the mix.  This adds a whole new level of stress and tension not experienced in their elementary school days.  High school courses are harder and the need to get better grades to apply for post-secondary education is extremely competitive and causes high levels of stress and pressure for teens today.  

Here's What  Parents are Saying:

Gina Hymus

Love it! The people are fantastic!!! Very supportive and enjoy having fun.

Louise Cottrell Cassar

We started karate because my son said Why play with action figures when I can be one?
It's been 2 years and we love it there. My son is a blue belt and my 5 year old daughter is in little dragons. I just joined and am loving the adult classes. I can't wait to start kickboxing!
A family that plays together stays together

Sabu Joseph

Having enjoyed many years of Martial Arts and friendships at Bernardo Karate, and having travelled and studied Martial Arts in other countries, I know it is a top notch place to learn and enjoy Martial Arts for all ages!


I’m impressed with the school and staff! The atmosphere is positive and encouraging. I always look forward to my next workout!


I have never been in a place where the people were so caring. They have pushed me to a new fitness level and I plan to continue to challenge myself and increase my goals. I recommend to everyone I know.

Jacques Chomiak

Trained here and got up to 2nd degree black belt. Great instructors keep a whole class intense for people with different skill. Every instructor is very adept and knowlegable in forms and technique. Very friendly atmosphere and attending is worth it. Definitely London's best Martial Arts and cardio kickboxing studio!Jacques Chomiak

Jennifer Watson

My niece and I did the kickboxing cardio class from 6-7pm and had an amazing workout. It was our fist time doing the class and the teacher Leah was great at explaining, Leah and the rest of the class made us feel welcome. We can't wait to join and come to more classes.
Thanks for a great experience.

Holly Kenny

Bernardo Karate is an amazing school that offers high quality, diverse training in a friendly, open-minded atmosphere!

Jody Johnston

Very friendly and supportive environment! Kids enjoy working hard to achieve belt levels with instruction from amazing black belts helping along the way.

IMG_1482 pink brickwall-min

At Bernardo Karate Our Teen Program Produces Positive Effects That Transfer To Success At School:

  • Setting and achieving goals (starting with smaller goals working towards their Black Belt or higher degrees)
  • Discipline, focus and concentration
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Specific martial arts skills and activity to help de-stress, improve mood and cognitive function (ex. memory)
  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence

The best way to see if our karate curriculum is right for your teen is to sign-up for our karate trial membership which includes a free week of unlimited classes for only $19.95! 

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BONUS!!! Studying martial arts and ultimately achieving your Black Belt looks great on your resume for future jobs and College and University applications.  Achieving your Black Belt shows you have drive and dedication and discipline. It shows you can persevere and push through adversity. These are traits Post-secondary Institutions and Future Employers are looking for to separate individuals from the pack.  

Extra Bonus!!

A Confident Bernardo Karate Teen:

  • Is taught to say no! to negative peer pressure
  • Feels no need to bully
  • Has more confidence for a school or job interview
  • Displays leadership qualities instead of ‘following the crowd’ mentality
  • Has improved skills of “face-to-face” communication
  • Has better manners and respect for authority
  • Exudes self-confidence and strong character traits and is therefore no longer a target for bullies
  • Has higher self-respect which means making better decisions of where they should go, who they should hang out with and what risks are not worth taking.