Bully Busters 

The Bernardo Karate Bully Buster Workshop

Bullying is a problem that children face more and more in today’s society.  It can cripple a child’s growth and development.  At Bernardo Karate we believe knowledge is a child’s greatest weapon against bullies. Children should be armed with both information and self-defence techniques that will build their confidence and make them more aware of their surroundings.

In our special Bully Busters Program students learn:

  • Who bullies are
  • Why bullies act like they do
  • What bullies do to others
  • Smart ways to be a Bully Buster
  • Safety exercises and self-defence

The skills and philosophies taught in the workshops are also found in the core of all Bernardo Karate programs.  Contact us today to reserve your spot in the next free workshop. Bernardo Karate also provides instructors that can teach a workshop for your school, gathering, team, workspace or special event.

stop bullying

The Four A's to Avoiding Bullying:


    who bullies are and why they bully


    learn how to avoid being a target and tips to avoid encounters with bullies


    learn martial arts skills to build confidence without being aggressive

  • ASK

    always ask for help. Speak up. Don't keep it a secret. You are not alone!

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