Free Teen Cardio Kickboxing at Bernardo Karate!

Free Cardio Kickboxing for Teens

Does your teen need to improve their mood?
Do they struggle with self confidence?
Are they being bullied?

We cannot stress enough the importance of empowering teens with this type of exercise.  Punching and kicking a heavy bag is a fun, therapeutic way to let loose and release stress and tension.  It’s an amazing workout for the body and the mind. 


  • All teens are welcome
  • No experience necessary
  • FREE cardio kickboxing classes for the whole week of March break (Saturday, March 14th – Saturday, March 21st) Morning, afternoon and evening classes
  • No sparring or contact involved.  JUST AN AMAZING WORKOUT between you and the heavy bag!
  • We supply everything you need! Quality Black Belt instruction, equipment and a positive, supportive environment. 
  • Promo offered at our Oxford, Dearness and Strathroy locations.

    Reserve your spot today! For details and schedules please call:
    Oxford:  519-659-2504
    Dearness:  519-691-0999
    Strathroy:  226-503-1883

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