Congratulations to Our New Black Belts and Higher Degrees
Class of 2020


To say that this year of training for our Black Belt Class of 2020 was challenging and stressful would be a huge understatement.  Covid-19 closed our Dojo’s for three months and our members had the choice of taking time off or following through and learning and reviewing their karate curriculum through our online classes.  It sure was not easy.  Staying motivated and persevering through some tough times has made this year’s Black Belt Grading even more special to us and our students.  

We have all learned some amazing life lessons this year.  This was not an easy journey.  YOU NEVER GAVE UP!

We look forward to Saturday, December 5th when our younger Brown belts will receive their Junior Black Belts and our Adult Brown Belts will receive their Shodan degree.  We have numerous Black Belts receiving higher degrees and some Junior Black Belts receiving their Adult Black Belts.   Congratulations again on not just this year of training, but all the years and classes and efforts and hard work put in to receive this prestigious honor.  Not many people make it this far.  It is a testament to your focus, discipline and dedication to the martial arts.  Shihan and your Instructors and all your fellow Black Belts are super proud of all of you! 


Julia Campbell

Alan MacDonald


Cathy Mussio

Emily Mussio


Marie Finkbeiner


Dan Dias

Keira Hymus

Sebastian Ihrig

Liz Krygsman

Andrew Rau

Lily Warkentin

Junior 2nd Degree

Alexis DeOliveira

Cobyn Dias

Ava Finkbeiner

Lorna Finkbeiner

Nicolas Franze

Kara Jackson

Jeremiah Pacan

Samah Salha

Emerson Thompson


Louise Cottrell-Cassar

Deborah Johnston

Staci Leonard

Kevin Siroen

Ata Zebian

Junior Black Belt

Evan Benson

Maria Bome

Parker Bycraft

Nigel Caido

Abygale Currie

Hudson Ferriera

Isabela Louise Garcia

Isaac Gittens

Ceana Habib

Cassie Leonard

Emily Leonard

Luc MacDonald

Sean Melo

Dakota Misselbrook

Abdul Nasser

Rouba Nasser

Taha Nasser

Jayden Ryan

Armonali Sakhizada

Natalia Serratore

Jack Sterling

Sadie Thorner

Blake Trevors

David Vaz

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