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Black Belt Presentation Show

Black Belt Presentation Show

Our annual Black Belt presentation show will be held Sunday, October 20th at the Wolfe Theatre.  The Theatre is located beside the downtown London library.  Doors open at 12:00 noon and the show will start at 1:00 pm.  Everyone is welcome to come out and watch the show.  We will hold a rehearsal for our Brown belts on Tuesday, October 8th from 7:00-7:45 pm.  Our Black belts will have a rehearsal on Tuesday, October 15th from 7:00-7:45pm at our Oxford Studio.  We would like to collect all Presentation fees at this time.

Students receiving their Jr. Black Belts are: Jian Biwit, Eyglo Bjarnadottir, Ciara Campbell, Jonah DaCosta, Ayden Deane, Jessica Falardeau, Jordan Johnston, Tiago Jolliffe, Colin McLennan, Aiden North, Cole Paliwoda, Brooke Rhiger, Biraj Tamang, Sachina Tamang, Connor McCallum, Saif Alshawaf , Zain Alshawaf, Avery Newman, Daniel Nofiel, Derrell Nofiel, Ashton Ross, Milah Ross, Islam Zebian, Issa Zebian, Reebal Zebian, Azrael Burdzy, Brynn Ciufo, Connor Gunn

Students receiving their Shodan (1st) degree:  Jodi Anderson, Kristin Grose, Stephanie Tondeur, David Gaede, Allison Middleton, Lebanon, Zebian, Jason Mason, Kate McCreath

Students receiving their Nidan (2nd) degree:  Griffin King, Isaias Ceron Carranza, Martin Calcaterra, Santiago Reina, Jaqueline Ceron Carranza, Andrew McLeod, Sahil Sherzai, Haroun Sherzai, Braden Misselbrook, Chris Zurbrigg, Gabriel Guerra, Karen O’Neil, Mark Smith, Rowan Blackhall

Students receiving their Jr. 2nd degree:  Liam Davies, Makayla Thornton, Arshak Kazazian, Matthew Pilgrim, Lucas Calcaterra, Aditya Karthikeyan, Gabriella Adam, Olivia Siroen

Students receiving their Sandan (3rd) degree:  Terry Hendry, Mike Fagan, Julie Valente, Jennifer Wasylenko, May Lu Lacasse, Jerrica Mitchell, Laura Harburn, Jonathan Wells

Students receiving their Jr. 3rd degree:  Marko Arezina, Noah Gabrielle, Austin Davies

Students receiving their Yondan (4th) degree: Ernie Matchett, Kevin Dang, Russ Finkbeiner, Heidi Fretz, Heather Liabotis, Linda Williamson, Candace Kowlessar, Alexis McCreath Frangakis

Students receiving their Godan (5th) degree: Tom Roberts, Connie Baker

Students receiving their Roku dan (6th) degree: Tammy Bernardo, Laura Schumacher, Brandon Doneff

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