Word of the Month for September is: Focus

Word of the Month: Focus

As parents we all want our children to be able to FOCUS when it matters.  Not just when it’s time to listen to us or to their teachers, but also when they are dealing with an important task or a crisis.  

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Summer Camps

Summer Camps 2020

This year Bernardo Karate is offering two weeks of Summer
Camp. The camp is designed for students of all belt levels and
ages 7 to 13.

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Word of the Month for March is: Respect

word of the month: respect

To RESPECT someone or something is a positive way of thinking and acting.  It shows you care and value someone else’s feelings and well-being.  At Bernardo Karate we think it is so important for our students to learn about respect and how to respect others.  It is an essential life skill that will help them…

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